1988 State of the Sound

The State of the Sound report is prepared every two years by the Puget Sound Water Quality Authority to provide a comprehensive, easily understandable summary of the current conditions of water quality and related resources in Puget Sound.

State of the Sound 1988 report cover image
State of the Sound 1988 report cover image

This report discusses the status, overall health, and economic value of the Sound's resources. Wherever possible, current and foreseeable trends in water and sediment quality, habitat changes, and the health of biological resources are discussed. Unfortunately, in many cases long-term Soundwide monitoring and comprehensive research results do not exist. It is therefore difficult to draw conclusions about significant changes or trends that have occurred over time in key Puget Sound environmental indicators (such as water and sediment contaminant levels and the health of resident fish).

We are just beginning to develop the information that is needed to establish environmental trends. The proposed Soundwide ambient monitoring program, and the coordinated effort to establish and fund research priorities in Puget Sound, are critical to identifying both short- and long-term changes (both good and bad) that may occur in the Sound's water quality and biological resources in the future.

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