Floodplains and Estuaries Implementation Strategy

This article provides an overview and a link to further information about the Floodplains and Estuaries Implementation Strategy. Implementation Strategies (Strategies) are plans for accelerating progress toward the 2020 ecosystem recovery targets for the Puget Sound Vital Signs. The Strategies are developed collaboratively with technical, professional, and policy experts and with local and regional input. They are funded by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The Floodplains and Estuaries Implementation Strategy aims to restore tidal flooding and processes that support functioning estuaries in Puget Sound’s 16 large river deltas. The emphasis is on increasing estuarine acreage to meet the indicator target. Opportunities to make gains towards this goal are not equal throughout the Sound. Large agricultural estuaries offer greatest potential gains in converted habitat area and efforts should focus on the Nooksack, Samish, Skagit, Stillaguamish, and Snohomish. Over time, as estuary area is recovered, emphasis will change from gaining acreage to maintaining resilience in all estuary habitats.


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