An inventory of scientific research associated with Puget Sound recovery from 2011-2013

Every two years the Puget Sound Partnership is required to assess the status of scientific research relating to the recovery of Puget Sound, in a document knows as the Biennial Science Work Plan (BSWP). Among other tasks, this entails making an inventory of all ongoing research projects in the current biennium (2011-2013). We are posting this (draft) inventory of recovery-relevant research projects here to make the information generally available.

Herring spawn research in Puget Sound. Photo courtesy of NOAA
Herring spawn research in Puget Sound. Photo courtesy of NOAA

Information relating to each project, including title, summary, PI, contacts, start and end dates, total cost, and funding source, occupies a row in the matrix. In addition, each project has been assigned to one of the 48 research topics that were identified as priorities in the previous BSWP.

This is a ‘draft’ because the list is incomplete in two ways: some projects may have been omitted, and information of some featured projects is missing. If you know of one or more projects that are not featured, or can fill in some of the missing information, please contact Dr. Nick Georgiadis at the Puget Sound Institute ( with details.


About the Author: 
Nicholas Georgiadis is a Research Scientist at the Puget Sound Institute, contributing to ecosystem-based management and restoration. After a PhD in ecology, Nick created and ran the African Elephant Genetics Survey for six years, based at Washington University in St. Louis. As a Research and Teaching Fellow at Princeton University for 12 years, he was director of Mpala Research Center, a facility for ecosystem research, conservation, and education in northern Kenya. From 2009-10 he was director of the Crooked River Watershed Council in central Oregon.