Managing growth in island communities

A 2014 San Juan County report addresses sustainable growth planning, pollution prevention, and mitigation actions in the Eastsound and Westcott Bay areas.

Eastsound Constructed Wetland flyer
Eastsound Constructed Wetland flyer


The San Juan Islands have one of the fastest growing populations in the state of Washington. This project is working to build long-term capacity to protect rapidly developing shorelines in the San Juan Islands by piloting a program to provide technical assistance and incentives for landowners and business owners to retain shoreline buffers and adjacent forests, install low impact development (LID) technologies, prevent pollution, improve wastewater and storm water management and restore or enhance habitat. This project builds San Juan County’s capacity to manage growth sustainably and establishes a regional forum to help share information on how to protect island communities as they grow.


Thompson, J. 2014. Manging growth in Island communities. San Juan County Community Planning and Development Department, Friday Harbor, WA.

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