A role for decision science in Puget Sound recovery

The field of decision analysis studies and develops rigorous and practical methods for improving how we make decisions. Over the past three years, the Puget Sound Partnership has invested in decision science expertise in its ongoing role of supporting effective Puget Sound recovery.  This paper describes some of these efforts and analyzes several decision support ideals.


Anderson, Richard. (2014). A role for decision science in Puget Sound recovery. Encyclopedia of Puget Sound. University of Washington Puget Sound Institute.

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About the Author: 
Richard Anderson provides consulting services in decision analysis and natural resources management. He has over 12 years of experience using quantitative and qualitative models and working with teams of scientists, engineers, managers, consultants, and students to reach effective solutions to management problems in natural and engineered systems. He was a research scientist at the Puget Sound Institute at University of Washington Tacoma from 2012 to 2014, where he led the development of new procedures for groups of natural resource managers throughout Puget Sound to choose scientifically-based local priorities for action so that regional goals for ecosystem recovery could be better pursued.