Tracking the effectiveness of armor removal in Puget Sound

The removal of shoreline armoring has become a priority for the state's Puget Sound recovery efforts. The Puget Sound Ecosystem Monitoring Program (PSEMP) is providing details on the effectiveness of armor-removal projects at 49 study sites.

Armor-removal project at Cornet Bay State Park before and after site restoration. Photo courtesy of PSEMP
Armor-removal project at Cornet Bay State Park before and after site restoration. Photo courtesy of PSEMP


In February 2019 the PSEMP Nearshore work group completed the compilation of armor-removal sites that have had restoration and monitoring occur since 2005. Sites are also included if pre-restoration monitoring has occurred, and restoration is planned to occur in the near future. Sites are not listed when monitoring has not occurred, or if restoration occurred pre-2005. Sites were compiled based on knowledge and participation within the PSEMP work group, and should be considered to cover the majority of sites where active monitoring is occurring, but likely not all sites.

The focus is on sites where shoreline armor (e.g., seawall, bulkhead, riprap) has been removed, or is planned to be removed. Other restoration techniques were included when monitoring information was available, focusing on the techniques from the Marine Shoreline Design Guidelinesand Your Marine Waterfront: (1) Removal, (2) Nourishment, (3) Logs, and (4) Vegetation.Links to photos of pre-post restoration are included when available, in addition to those included in the links to websites and literature sources.Shoretype is listed from the CGS Beach Strategies GIS data.This list is meant as an informative resource to those interested in ongoing restoration and monitoring activities. The goal is to provide this information in a single place, in order to increase communication and collaboration across groups.

The list details a total of 49 sites, 36 of which had armor removed as of January 2019, for a total length of 20,948 feet of armor removed. Key website links and literature sources for restoration actions and monitoring activities are listed for each site when available. The goal is to update this list every year, as part of ongoing PSEMP Nearshore activities. 

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