The watershed: A floristic atlas of the San Juan Islands

The Floristic Atlas of the San Juan Islands was created by the University of Washington Herbarium and provides a tool for mapping and comparing the distributions of vascular plant species within the San Juan Islands of Washington. 


Floristic Atlas of the San Juan Islands, Washington screesnhot
Floristic Atlas of the San Juan Islands, Washington screenshot

"The atlas is based on over 6,700 voucher specimens from the San Juan Islands that are housed at the UW Herbarium as well as observational records from recent surveys of the islands. Included within the atlas dataset are nearly 4,000 specimens from many of the smaller islands collected during comprehensive botanical surveys of the San Juan Islands by the UW Herbarium's David Giblin and The Nature Conservancy's Peter Dunwiddie between 2004 and 2009."

— UW Herbarium website

View the atlas.

Read more about the atlas on the UW Burke Museum website.

About the Author: 
The University of Washington Herbarium (also known as WTU) is an international resource for research into the diversity, distribution and ecology of Pacific Northwest vascular plants, non-vascular plants, fungi, lichen, and algae. With over 600,000 specimens currently in the collections and between 5,000-10,000 specimens added annually, WTU is one of the largest herbaria in the region.