EoPS collaborates with UW Climate Impacts Group


The Puget Sound Institute, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Puget Sound Partnership are supporting work by the Climate Impacts Group at the University of Washington to examine the effects of climate change in the Puget Sound region.

Satellite image of Western Washington

As part of this effort, the Climate Impacts Group will update the 2009 Washington Climate Change Impact Assessment, as well as key information in the document Uncertain Future: Climate Change and Its Effects on Puget Sound in 2005. This update will look specifically at the Puget Sound region, and when completed, will appear in the Encyclopedia of Puget Sound, along with new mapping resources for watershed analysis. The synthesis will also serve as source material for the Puget Sound Partnership's Puget Sound Science Update. We are excited to be involved with the Climate Impacts Group in this project, and look forward to publishing what we anticipate will be an important resource for the scientific community.