Estuarine, intertidal, bedrock, lagoon, eulittoral

Most lagoons in Washington state form behind sand-gravel spits and thus would not be placed into this rocky category. "Rocky" lagoons may be artificial. No surveys have been done in such habitats.

Habitat attributes

Class ID: 
Class name: 
Estuarine, intertidal, bedrock, lagoon, eulittoral
2.0 km (in WA)
Primary substrate: 
Secondary substrate: 
Tertiary substrate: 
Substrate stability: 
Substrate key details: 
No mobile sediment
Wave exposure: 
Prot, Very Prot
Blue book classes: 
[No class in 1990 publication]
Map/survey site examples: 
rare in Washington
Fish sampling sites: 
Diagnostic species: 
  • Fucus distichus
  • Littorina
  • Balanus glandula
  • Mytilus trossulus
  • Mopalia
  • Sargassum muticum
Species notes: