Aurelia aurita

Moon Jellyfish

Flickr photo 'Moon Jellyfish (Aurelia aurita)' by: bob in swamp.Flickr photo 'Aurelia aurita wild (26-7-23 Rosendal)' by: Bárbol.Flickr photo 'Jelly Living on the Jetty' by: Phil's 1stPix.Flickr photo 'Aurelia aurita 1 (22-7-17 Faunia)' by: Bárbol.Flickr photo '2008-12-27-dscn7580' by: martin_kalfatovic.Flickr photo 'Life size 'moon jellyfish', or common jellyfish Aurelia aurita.' by: Amgueddfa Cymru.Flickr photo 'The Real Jellies of St. Andrews' by: Phil's 1stPix.
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