A paradigm shift for shoreline armoring

A long war may be turning. For more than a hundred years, Puget Sound shoreline residents have been in a battle with a perceived enemy. 

Study will probe old contamination plumes beneath UW Tacoma’s current campus

A legacy of industrial use left several plumes of groundwater contamination under what is now the University of Washington Tacoma campus. A proposed investigation and study will focus on what’s needed to clean up that contamination.

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State projects spotlighted at White House Water Summit

Two projects that promote long-term water security in the state of Washington are being highlighted today during the White House Water Summit in conjunction with United Nations World Water Day.

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Shining a spotlight on seafloor creatures

We are pleased to include a number of new species accounts from the Washington State Department of Ecology's blog EcoConnect. Ecology has been shining a spotlight on some of the unsung creatures living in the sediment of Puget Sound's seafloor. These fascinating accounts will be of interest to readers of all backgrounds, and feature gorgeous photos of rarely seen and seldom-studied species.

Ecology Youth Corps hiring teens for summer jobs in King, Skagit, Snohomish, and Whatcom counties

The Washington Department of Ecology’s Northwest Regional Office plans to hire 70 teenagers across Northwest Washington this summer as part of the Ecology Youth Corps.
Teens chosen for the program will be assigned to one of six crews based in King, Skagit, Snohomish, and Whatcom counties.

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Updating the water quality permit for boatyards

Boatyards do a lot of important but dirty work to repair and maintain boats, such as pressure washing, painting, engine repair, welding and grinding. This work can release chemicals such as copper, lead and zinc, and if the chemicals get into waterways they can harm aquatic life and are difficult and expensive to remove.

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Spokane River task force advances fight on toxics

A Spokane River group leading efforts to find and eliminate toxic chemicals has prevented 283 pounds of cancer-causing polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) from entering the river.

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High levels of cadmium and lead found in children’s jewelry accessories

Testing by the Washington Department of Ecology revealed high levels of the heavy metals cadmium and lead in several necklaces sold as accessories packaged with girls’ dresses.

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Pierce Co. draft shoreline plan open for your review

The long-awaited draft Shoreline Master Program for Pierce County is now open for review through the Washington Department of Ecology.

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One million lights recycled through LightRecycle

Washingtonians have recycled more than one million fluorescent tubes, CFLs, HID lamps and other mercury-containing lights since the new LightRecycle Washington program launched Jan. 1, 2015.

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