Threats: Impacts of Natural Events and Human Activities on the Ecosystem


Scott F. Pearson1, Nathalie Hamel2, Steven Walters3, and John Marzluff3

Section Authors

Introduction: Scott F. Pearson1, Steven Walters3, and Nathalie Hamel2
Climate Change: Heather Cornell3
Residential, Commercial and Industrial Development: Steven Walters3
Shoreline Modification: Steven Walters3
Pollution: James West4
Invasive and Non-native Species: Heather Cornell3
Ecosystem Models and Their Evaluation: Scott F. Pearson1 and Steven Walters3
Conclusion: All authors contributed


1Wildlife Science, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
2Puget Sound Partnership
3School of Forest Resources, University of Washington
4Fish Management Program, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife