Strait of Georgia Watershed

Location of the Strait of Georgia Watershed in Washington State.  Map courtesy of the EPA.The Strait of Georgia contains estuaries, salt marshes, and other productive habitat. The entire Strait is 135 miles long, and drains hundreds of rivers, including the 850-mile Fraser River. It is an important site for recreation, tourism, and commercial fishing and shellfish harvest. According to Parks Canada, the southern Strait is one of the most at-risk ecosystems in the country.

EPA watershed profile

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Salish Sea Natural Area Conservation Plan

The Salish Sea Natural Area Conservation Plan is a project of the Natural Areas Conservation Program (NACP) established in 2007 by the Canadian government, which helps non-profit, non-government organizations protect sensitive areas. The process involves selecting biodiversity targets and determining measures of conservation success.

 Figure 1 from Masson and Perry 2013 identifies the area of focus for the Strait of Georgia Ecosystem Research Initiative.

Report: Strait of Georgia ecosystem research initiative

A paper published in the August 2013 issue of Progress in Oceanography provides a summary and overview of the Strait of Georgia Ecosystem Research Initiative, an effort by Fisheries and Oceans Canada "to facilitate integrated research on the Strait of Georgia ecosystem."

Northern Sea Otter. Photo: Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Species of concern in the Salish Sea

The Encyclopedia of Puget Sound species library now includes a list of species of concern in the Salish Sea watershed. The list was created by Joe Gaydos and Nicholas Brown of the SeaDoc Society, and was released as a paper presented as part of the Proceedings of the 2011 Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference in Vancouver, BC.