Marine Intertidal Rock: Exposed and Partially Exposed: Sand-Scoured

Rocky areas impacted by sand scour have a unique complement of species adapted to this disturbance. Such assemblages are seen especially clearly on outer coast rocky headlands adjacent to sand beaches.

Diagnostic Species

The kelp Laminaria sinclairii, the red algae Ahnfeltia fastigiata, A. gigartinoides, Gymnogongrus linearis; the brown alga Phaeostrophion irregulare, the gregarious tube worm Eudistylia vancouveri, and the surfgrass Phyllospadix torreyi (all low intertidal zone). Mid zones are characterized by the cloning anemone Anthopleura elegantissima and the small barnacle (Chthamalus dalli).

Surveyed Sites

Variety on the outer coasts of Washington and Vancouver Island.


Dethier; 1988; unpubl. data from Gabrielson, Mumford.