Marine Subtidal Mixed-Fines: High Energy, Deep

Several sites deeper than 15 m in the Strait of Juan de Fuca and on the outer coast have been surveyed via grabs. These deep habitats are more stable than their shallow counterparts and have fairly diverse infauna.

-15 to at least 100m: Sand

Common Species

The bivalves Tellina modesta and Macoma expansa, the amphipods Rhepoxynius abronius, Foxiphalus obtusidens, Eohaustorius washingtonianus, and Monoculodes spinipes; the snails Buccinum plectrum, Neptunea lyrata, and Antiplanes thalea; the ophiuroids Ophiura spp., the polychaetes Chaetozone setosa and Maldane glebifex.

Sites Surveyed

Strait of Juan de Fuca.


Lie and Kelley, 1970; Lie and Kisker, 1970; R. Shimek unpubl. data.