Estuarine Intertidal Organic: Partly Enclosed, Backshore, Mesohaline (Marsh)

This habitat includes the high marsh and occurs on peat soils.  Interstitial soil salinities can drop below 5 ppt.

Diagnostic Species

Four native plant communities can occur in this habitat:  (1) Deschampsia caespitosa-Juncus balticus-Potentilla pacifica, (2) Juncus balticus-Potentilla pacifica, (3) Carex lyngbyei-Potentilla pacifica, and (4) Festuca rubra. The fourth community is seldom found any more. A fifth community is found in this habitat, but it is dominated by an exotic (non-native) plant species, Agrostis alba.

Common Associate

Aster subspicatus, Triglochin maritimum, Hordeum spp. are frequent vascular plant components of these communities.

Sites Surveyed

Nisqually River Delta, Tarboo Bay, Lynch Cove, Quilceda Creek, Salt Creek, Skookum Inlet, Kennedy Creek, Henry Island North Bay, Elk River estuary, Cedar Creek, Bone River, Niawiakum River, Palix River, Nemah River, Bear River, Leadbetter Point, Baker Bay.


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