Estuarine Subtidal Mixed-Fines: Open, Shallow

Sites in this category have substrata of sand, shells, pebbles, and woody debris.  There was high variation in the species composition of these sites, so no diagnostic species have yet been described.

Common Species

Zostera marina (shallow), the red algae Sarcodiotheca gaudichaudii, Gracilaria spp., Gigartina spp., and Iridaea spp., the green ulvoids, and the brown kelp Laminaria saccharina. Bivalves include Psephidia lordi and Clinocardium spp. Some areas have sea pens or phoronids. Crustaceans include the tanaid Leptochelia savignyi, Pinnixa schmitti, Cancer productus, and Euphilomedes carcharodonta; ophiuroids include Amphiodia urtica, and polychaetes include Scoloplos spp., Platynereis bicanaliculata, Lumbrineris spp., Owenia fusiformis, and Axiothella rubrocincta.

Sites Surveyed

Strait of Georgia, Saltspring Island, Clark Island, Lummi Island, Port Madison, Similk Bay, Cherry Point, Guemes Island, Polnell Point, Bush Point, Pratt’s Bluff, and Padilla Bay.


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