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Puget Sound Watershed

Location of the Puget Sound Watershed in Washington State.  Map courtesy of the EPA.General description:

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Report cover photo by Victor Mesny.

A 2014 report by the North Cascadia Adaptation Partnership identifies climate change issues relevant to resource management in the North Cascades, and recommends solutions that will facilitate the transition of the diverse ecosystems of this region into a warmer climate.

Water quality , Species and food webs , Plants, Mammals, Birds, Fishes , Freshwater habitat , Terrestrial habitat , Clallam County, King County, Skagit County, Snohomish County, Whatcom County, Puget Sound Watershed, Snohomish Watershed, Stillaguamish Watershed, Upper Skagit Watershed
Alaska Airlines 737 taking off from Sea-Tac Airport with Mt Rainier and Central Terminal in background. Photo: Port of Seattle by Don Wilson

How does one of the West's busiest airports deal with extreme stormwater, and what does that mean for water quality standards in the rest of the state?

Water quality , Fishes , Freshwater habitat , Terrestrial habitat , King County, Duwamish Watershed, Puget Sound Watershed
Seattle's central waterfront at sunset. Photo: Michael Matti (CC BY-NC 2.0)

The decaying seawall along Seattle’s waterfront is providing scientists with an opportunity to improve long-lost habitat for migrating salmon. It could also show the way for habitat enhancements to crumbling infrastructure worldwide. One University of Washington researcher describes the project.

Species and food webs , Fishes , Marine habitat , Nearshore habitat , Shoreline Habitats , King County, Puget Sound Watershed, Puget Sound Main Basin

There are many ways of defining the boundaries of the Puget Sound watershed. Hydrologic unit codes (HUCs) are nationally standardized divisions that are often used by conservation agencies and national organizations.

Watersheds, Puget Sound Watershed, Puget Sound Main Basin
Adult female Rana aurora during fall migration of 2005 in Puget Sound (Hayes, Marc 2005).

The Northern Red-legged Frog is described here relative to its local behavior, habitat, threats and morphology.

Water quantity , Water quality , Amphibians , Freshwater habitat , Terrestrial habitat , Puget Sound Watershed, Puget Sound Main Basin