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This list of the fishes of Puget Sound and adjacent waters is compiled in part from a 1972 Washington Sea Grant publication authored by Allan DeLacy, Bruce Miller, and Steven Borton. Wayne Palsson, James Orr, and Theodore Pietsch provided additional updates. The original Sea Grant list was drawn from published literature, unpublished entries in the University of Washington fish collection, and log records from a number of departments, including Friday Harbor Laboratories and the National Marine Fisheries Service.

DeLacy et al. draw the western boundary of Puget Sound at longitude 123°28’, between Ediz Hook and the U.S.-Canada boundary line. They further divide the Sound into 12 areas, based partly on oceanographic conditions, and point out that some areas, such as Georgia Strait, Admiralty Inlet, and Colvos Passage were sampled less comprehensively than other regions.

Fishes of Puget Sound and adjacent waters

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